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‘ROUNDED’ Stamp Collecting Tongs/Tweezers

For handling of stamps of all countries

Made from highest quality spring steel

Not cosmetic or surgical tweezers – smooth & not sharp to not harm stamps

Quality German manufactured

Avoid wrinkling or getting finger oil on stamps

Stamp collectors use stamp tongs or stamp tweezers because postage stamps can be harmed by fingers attempting to grasp or hold them. Even hands that have been thoroughly washed have a coating of skin oil that can rub off onto the surface of the stamp. Once this oil is on the stamp, it can stain the printed design, either immediately or by reacting with the ink over time. On the back of a stamp, fingerprints can also appear on the otherwise unblemished gum of mint stamps that have been held with fingers. These may seem like small defects, but they occur on small objects — your postage stamps — so the size of the defect is matters.

There are three common ‘heads’ on Stamp Collecting Tongs – Pointed, Rounded and Spade.  I would have to say that I have not found one to be better than the other, more that it is a matter of preference and familiarity.  Some prefer to have the smallest contact with the stamps possible, the pointed ones.  They do coverup less of the stamp when you have picked it up to examine it.  Some people are concerned that the pointed might puncture the stamp if you are not careful and so prefer the rounded.  Finally the spade tip gives the most contact with the stamp and perhaps a securer grip and so prefer it.

Item ships from Canada  Shipping via Canada Post, international shipments may experience delays due to border processing. Item ships from Canada – postal code E4E 1Z9

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