Dudarev V. – Catalog of counterfeit stamps of the USSR 1940-1991 Digital book


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 Dudarev V. - Catalog of counterfeit stamps of the USSR 1940-1991 Digital book

Description: Catalog-directory of counterfeit stamps of the USSR, prepared by the author, includes the most famous counterfeit stamps of the period 1940-1991.

The counterfeits shown in the catalog can be divided into several groups. The first is stamps with supposedly missing perforations. Counterfeits are made from stamps with shifted perforations, from perforated versions of these stamps, and sometimes from blocks with a similar stamp. The second is stamps with a changed color or an allegedly missing color. Counterfeits are made from ordinary brands under the influence of sunlight and various chemicals. The third are stamps with supposedly double or triple printing of some color or all the colors of the brand. This also includes stamps with an inverted double seal, with a seal on the adhesive side, and supposedly proofs on cardboard with an imprint of the State Sign. All these options were made by private individuals or in various printing houses commissioned by private individuals. The fourth are stamps of fantasy issues that were never released or planned to be released. These counterfeits were produced in various printing houses by order of private individuals.

All brands are

designated by the TsFA catalog number and the Michel catalog number, and the abbreviated name of the brand is given.

Number of pages: 212

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